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Undiscovered. Overlooked. Exceptionally Invisible.

I don't know about you but I have been feeling...stuck. I feel stuck in what I can only see right now and it causes me to feel discouraged and frustrated. Even as I continue to post on social media to stay (or be) "relevant"; or I try to stay busy and productive to feel validation and find value in the fact that hey, at least I'm busy with something to do...but no matter what I try to do in my own strength, at my own pace, I cannot seem to shake this feeling of invisibility. Its like when two captains of a sports team are picking their players and they are at the final two selections and still, the other person is picked. You thought or at least you felt you had the capacity to take the team to that W but no one else saw what you saw. It makes it even worse when you look at the players around you hardly have to practice and here you are here practicing everyday, trying making sure your layup is on point, and still the last to be picked. If you look at it from a social media standpoint, and the people you follow constantly get attention of get their big break, meanwhile while you are here working your butt off to get attention and feel like someone. I don't know if you have ever felt like you are super talented but you haven't been discovered; or if you ever felt like someone else is constantly picked over you, whether that is in your professional life, your personal life, even your spiritual life.. and it just seems like its so much harder for you to be noticed than it is for others. It is a heavy feeling I know, it doesn't feel good at all and can even escalate to potential mental health issues. Often times I have to remind myself that its just not my time yet, or my breakthrough is coming and reiterate my favorite scripture by Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope for the future." Although we have these seasons of "invisibility"- and yes I said seasons because it will not last always - we are really not invisible at all. For one, someone is always watching you, whether you realize it or Your gifts and talents are necessary and many times not for you but for someone who is looking up to you. For two, God is watching you and he is looking at how you steward this season you are in. Are you wasting your time comparing yourself to others, or are you practicing and improving the craft your were designed to excel at? Are you consumed in the progression of others, or are you focused on what YOU have to do to fulfill your own purpose? See, you will find that when you are in a position where you are seeking first the kingdom of heaven, stewarding your time and cultivating your gifts, God will begin opening doors for you and creating opportunities that are designed only for YOU and no one else. He has not going to overlook you and never will; He has already discovered you; and you are SOMEBODY to Him...even if you aren't a "somebody" to someone else (and I assure you, you are to me), no one else can be you and that is more than enough to God. Check out Psalm 139 (NLT is my favorite version)

, and you will see how the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Excellent and matchless King, Yahweh, the most incredible and notable being has examined and searched YOU and desires to know YOU deeper. I mean I can't fathom the fact the such a God is interested in little ol me, but it empowers me so much and reminds me how truly important I am. So as I am encouraging you in this moment, this encouragement is also for me, because even the strongest of people have their moments of doubt and weakness. No longer is my declaration no no, I'm free baby. Let's be free together!

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