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Don't Doubt Yourself, Your Time WILL Come!

You ever just felt unclear about where you are supposed to be in your life? Whether that is your career, relationship, makeup skills, school, whatever it is - you ever just felt like you were supposed to be doing more? Do you feel like you could just be doing so much better or so much more at this particular point in your life and you are not where you want to be? TRUST me when I say you are NOT alone! Actually, there are many more people than you think in the same predicament. Including myself... I have actually been feeling this way for quite some time about my career, business, relationship status, YOU NAME IT. Its like, I feel like I have just been awaiting a sign; an opportunity; an open door that I can run through to my destiny and purpose. I find myself constantly praying to God asking for clarity, looking and searching on my own for my next step in life. Frustration, depression, irritation and doubt have all been by-products of this season I'm in currently which I call: purpose searching. I've had to learn that not everything is going to move in my time; not every answer is going to come when I want it to; not every opportunity will come when Anieyah feels like she is ready. Notice, I italicized the possessive pronouns, this is because I've been too consumed in my own agenda and too focused on the playbook I have written for myself. In this transition season, I am learning that GOD is in full control, he has the final say and when it is your time he will allow all things to work together for your good. My flagship scripture recently has been Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future". This scripture is my daily reminder to be at peace and know that God has got it under control. You may not be too sure right now and things may be very foggy and unclear but it is important to stay the course give your "Best Measure" (as my mom would say) and trust in God who is the author and finisher or our faith. That business WILL manifest and prosper, your spouse WILL find you, your cosmetic and beauty skills WILL improve - but you have to put in the work, be patient and trust that your time WILL come! God bless and stay encouraged :).

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